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. thank you very much for your >>> the west cranks up the sanctions against russia, but i'm talking to a man who says america could kick in with military help for ukraine too. also oil and america's nay fwor the north. i'm looking at the controversy. plus there's a good chance your cable just changed. i'll have more on the wheeling and dealing. i'm ali velshi in los angeles, and this is "real money" >>> this is "real money." you are the most important part of the show. tell me what is on your mind by tweeting me or velshi. i'm in los angeles where i'm taking part in a unique annual event. bigwigs from signs philanthropy and more meet here to triad dress social and economic problems in our world. as the name suggests, the institute was set up by one michael milken, you probably remember the name. a notorious financier who helped pioneer the junk bond market in the 1970 and 1980s, before landing in trouble with u.s. authorities. i'll have more on him later, first the united states and its allies in europe are slapping more sanctions on russia in response to the quote
. new sanctions against russia because of its actions. the sanctions target individuals and companies in the inner circle of vladimir putin. measures includes bans of visas and assets restrictions. and increasing dividends and buybacks, bank of america says it made a decision after finding an error in its stress test. and general electric may find some competition. siemens could make an offer if they get access to the same financial information as ge did. this is from sources familiar. that is a headline this hour. >> thank you. let's go to the milken global conference taking place in los angeles. bloomberg's erik schatzker and stephanie ruhle have been speaking with the guests all day, and currently, they are with the governor of colorado. >> thank you so much. we are, again, with governor john hickenlooper. >> glad to be here. >> colorado has fascinated the area for many reasons, but recently, the nation's fascination is with marijuana. >> it's true, a question we get all of the time. >> i can imagine. it would appear from where we sit and from where others sit that the experiment,
, president obama punishing russia with more sanctions, but is he hitting putin where it hurts? >>> and a billionaire accused of a racial rant caught on tape. we'll play you the racy audio recording. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone, i'm erin burnett, "outfront" tonight, millions of americans on alert, warned to take shelter right now as violent tornados ripped through the southwest and southeastern united states. at this moment we are watching four deadly storms that have already touched down, our reporters are in the center of the zone. so far, 16 people have lost their lives in oklahoma, arkansas, and iowa. you're looking right now of footage of a tornado that tore through tupelo, mississippi, just a short time ago. we just got this video in from kdr media. the governor there called a state of emergency. the violent storms threatening alabama, louisiana, and tennessee. tupelo's mayor shelton joins me on the phone. thank you very much. we're just starting to get pictures from where you are. how severe is the damage? >> thank you for having me. the damage, as fa
america, though forceful of the moment with respect to russia, is not been especially forceful in recent years. i don't know that i would worry terribly about it. there are people both on the left and on the right who are great fans of strong presidential government. on the right, for example, john yoo's name comes to mind. these are national greatness people who worry like you about protecting american might around the world could i don't know if who you would be worse off if we projected less american might around the world. host: keith is on the line for republicans. caller: how are you doing, ma'am? i like theou and conversation. i think the media matters. the media belongs to one side versus another site is the critical balance that our founders even overlooked, you know what i'm saying? whoever controls the media -- same with when bush was going to war and they were dogging him so doggedly on everything he done cap him in check. the same can't be said about obama, when he does things -- can you imagine the president doing as many blunders as he has done and nobody attacks? he gets
are on the, charges announcement today of a round of sanction targeting cronies of russia president putin issue too little too late. >> i fear we're doing is tweaking folks, as we seen from this administration on so many tough issues, their policies always late after the points in time when we could have made a difference in the on the cut come. >> reporter: the president's hometown paper reporting he is quote struggles to sell's foreign policy straepbg that strategy that seems under siege, the president took a shot at fox, said more positive stories are not getting attention. >> what you think that obama doctrine is in terms of what your guides principle is on these creases you had you -- crisis and you answer those critics who say that doctrine is weakness. >> i doubt i will have time to layout my en fea entire for fory doctrine, there are some communityly pieces as well. but i'm not sure you ran them. >> reporter: as one champ old o. presidentially site reuter op-ed, who wrote last week, modest sanctions we've imposed on fruit ina pop cron -- putin a top cronies juste strike just the r
a new round of sanctions on russia standoff in ukraine. the sanctions targeting seven and 17 companies linked to vladimir putin's inner circle. some are insisting the sanctions are weak'l= and not enough to stop putin. former ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good to be with you. >> one of the sanctions goes directly at putin. is that a mistake? >> well, it's ineffective. look, the individual sanctions that they announced today against a whopping 7 people include visa restrictions so that they and their wives can't shop on fifth avenue and freezing assets in the united states. if any of these seven individuals or a lot of other people i can think of still have assets in the united states, subject to being freezed, frozen, then they deserve what they get. this is the kind of minimal step that doesn't dissituate putin's interference in ukraine it facilitates it because it says to him it is a cost we he can bear. >> the deputy foreign minister sergi says it's disgusting the sanctions. democrats the utter absence of understanding about what is going on in ukraine. he
. 188 people are confirmed dead. >> the european union levying sanctions for what they say is russia's failure targeting seven russian officials and 17 company was links to vladimir >> he has not yet chosen to move forward. >> president obama warned russia can expect tougher sanctions if it continues provocations in ukraine. >> a local domestic violence case forced a bay area tech company to put a new ceo at the helm this week. the board voted to fire him yesterday. he pled guilty last week to misdemeanor domestic violence charges and sentenced to three years probation. police say he beat his girlfriend after finding out she'd gone on a trip with another man. >> in connecticut singer paul simon ask his wife facing disorderly conduct charges. simon told the judge it was a rare arguments that led to weekend arrest. both said they did not feel threatened by the other person and saw no need for a protective order. >> california vitners have good reason to raise a toast. san francisco business times reporting california wine sales account for 64% of all wine sales in the u.s. last year. a
follows a decision from the white house to extend sanctions on russia. including 17 firms and sanctioning seven more russian officials. the bbc is in the eastern ukraine and has the latest for us. >> in eastern ukraine, it takes courage. out to, they have come call for a united ukraine. just wait five minutes, this man says, then, we will show you. attacked withoups firecrackers and baseball bats. the police did nothing to stop this. they have been battered into submission. the violence is escalating. ukraine -- he is fighting for his life in the hospital. who wasfilmed the mayor considered pro-russian. are blocking kiev his office and he has become a critic of the old government and a supporter of the ukraine. you will not find many of those here. we found pro-russian militants had sees the council building and the local police station. the crowd sang about the ussr. the militia that seized control here said that they had no trouble at all taking this building. they said they came and walked in stop there was no security and no one to stop them. theimir told me that operation will not st
're following here in "the situation room." the obama administration trying to send a clear message to russia by stepping up its sanctions against president vladimir putin's inner circle. the violence on the ground in ukraine is only worsening. more clashes in east after a deadly bombing earlier today. chief national security correspondent jim schiutto is monitoring the situation. whaps the latest? >> in making their case, administration officials have been frankly brutal h their rhetoric. they said russia has done, quote, precisely nothing to meet its obligations under the deal reached in geneva earlier this month intended to deescalateacc continuing to spark unrest. clearly it took some time, more time than expected to get sanctions together in rough agreement with europe. it's hard to distinguish them, in fact, from the earlier round of sanctions. administration officials say it's just one step of many. with the crisis in ukraine only growing more violent, today the obama administration introduced new economic sanctions it says are designed to punish russia for orchestrating it. the sancti
. >>> more action against russia for its role in the crisis in ukraine. sanctions were imposed on 17 companies with ties to vladimir putin's inner circle and moved to freeze items that could help the russian ministry. peter sharp has more from moscow. >> reporter: all the latest names and companies have strong links to vladimir putin as the u.s. tries to up the pressure on the russian leader by hitting those close to him. deputy prime minister, in charge of planning the country olympics. the boss of state-owned oil giant rosneft and the man in charge of ros tech, the technology state corporation. they will join others close to putin on the sanctions list, like the president's chief of staff. billon air gas trader who said he felt honoured to be punished by washington. the west says sanctions have already had an impact by scaring investors into pulling $65 billion out of the economy. this year the key stock index has been down by about 15%. russia's currency, the ruble lost 9% of its value since jan. >> washington said it would deny export licences for high-tech equipment that could b
have to bear the pain because of it. >> it has gotten cool in russia to find your name on the list. it is meaning you are wealthy and you are in. this is nothing. i agree. but what can you really do? >> a lot of money is leaving that area. neil: so you are hoping this continues. >> there market was up today after the announcement. >> there is no room for squishy feelings. quite frankly -- neil: making maggie thatcher look good. can you imagine her as president of the united states. double parked, you are executed. i am thinking ebenezer scrooge, but that is just me. toyota telling the workers i hope you like texas, i hope you like heat, i hope you like big bugs, but obviously latest company announcing moving the operations headquarters to texas. here we go. >> we compete for big hair. you have tons of taxes, tons of regulations. why wouldn't you move? you're putting everybody closer to the plant, so it makes much more sense. neil: this is just moving the administration staff. >> and cost-of-living, cost of business all cheaper. it makes economic sense. >> 14,000 jobs have moved fro
is relying once again on his go-no foreign policy move, economic sanctions to try to get russia to play nice in ukraine. the president is going after high tech exports to russia's defense industry as well as wealthy individuals close to president vladimir putin. this comes as masked militants with automatic weapons seized another city hall building and police station in eastern ukraine. while the mayor of the nation's second largest city was shot in the back and said to be in critical condition. the president's critic say his fp foreign policy is barely surviving. >> reporter: wrapping up a week long trip to asia dominated by his handing of the crisis in ukraine, plus the fallout from the red line in syria, president obama launched a vigorous defense against his critics. he used a baseball analogy. >> that may not always be sexy. may not always attract a lot of attention accident it doesn't make for good argument on sunday morning shows, but its errors. you hit sinleds, you hit doubles every once in a while. we may be able to hit a home run. >> republicans like senator bob corker fire back t
, and the demonstrators forced to flee. those agitating in favor of russia deny they're doing moscow's bidding but the us government sees president putin's hand and today imposed further sanctions on some of the russian leader's closest friends. 17 companies are sanctioned including some controlled by putin associates: gennady timchenko, a billionaire; and arkady rotenberg, his old judo partner and childhood friend. amongst the seven individuals sanctioned are: dmitry kozak, deputy prime minister of the russian federation; igor sechin, the president of rosneft, the world's largest traded oil company. sechin, one of president putin's closets advisors, is sanctioned as an individual but it's hard to separate the man from the company, rosneft. here he is a year ago with the head of b.p., bob dudley. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's great for me to welcome igor ivanovich here at b.p. today. i think this is the beginning today of a great partnership between b.p. and rosneft. >> reporter: b.p. has a 20% stake in rosneft, to which it said today it remained committed. rosneft said the sanctions wouldn't affect coo
at the headlines, let's go to my radio cohost, carol massar. >> sanctions against russia because of its actions. the sanctions target individuals and companies in the inner circle of vladimir putin. it includes bands of visas and assets restrictions. and increasing dividends and buybacks, bank of america says it made a decision after finding an error in its stress test. and general electric may fight -- find some competition. siemens could make an offer if they get access to the same financial information as ge did. this is from sources familiar. headline this hour. >> thank you. let's go to the milken global conference taking place in los angeles. andmberg's erik schatzker stephanie ruhle have been speaking with the guests all day, and currently, they are with the governor of colorado. >> thank you so much. we are, again, with governor john hickenlooper. here.d to be >> colorado has fascinated the area for many reasons, but recently, the nation's fascination is with marijuana. >> a question we get all of the time. >> i can imagine. it would appear from where we sit and from where others sit th
against russia. just ahead, i'll speak with president obama's deputy national security adviser and he's standing by live at the white house. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. >>> breaking news out of the south. i want to go to storm chaser northeast of tupelo which has just been hit by a tornado. he's near belmont, mississippi. connor, what are you seeing there? >> wolf, we have been driving south for the last few minutes and we just went through smithville, mississippi, and when we were northeast of tupelo, we saw pretty significant tree damage where the tornado crossed the road where we were going and we were not in tupelo, the actual town, but there was debris falling out of the sky. that's not a good sign for the people of tupelo, that's for sure. >> are folks just driving away? wh
sanctions to try to get russia to play nice in ukraine. the president is going after high tech exports to russia's defense industry as well as wealthy individuals close to president vladimir putin. this comes as masked
. the n.b.a. investigating. >>> sanctions on russia - greater costs over actions in ukraine. >>> thanks for being with us people across the heartland are cleaning up the damage from a string of deadly tornados. pictures and other items littered the ground in berlonia arkansas. daybreak brought the heart-breaking sight of damages. in hundreds of homes and business business - damaged or destroyed by a tornado. jonathan betz is joining us with more. devastating images. >> yes, at least 16 killed. it's the deadliest tornado that arkansas river saw in 17 years. the governor expects the death toll to rise. >> reporter: the quitest start to a tornado season ended with a vengeance. dozens touching down destroying towns in the midsection, and taking lives. >> he came in, he didn't say nothing, he went like this, i said "tornado", and everything was hitting. >> drivers swallowed by black clouds. >>e, we are pulling over -- yes, we are pulling over. we'll back up. >> central arkansas was hit hard. towns north of little rock. rescuers dug through debris, searching for dividers. in cars thrown along
. >> this defense comes as the white house announces new sanctions against russia. let's talk about this with peter for the national journal and nile with margaret thatcher center for freedom. peter, let me start with you. does refraining from using force and not even having it on the table make the united states look weak to other powers? >> no. first of all, the united states does have it on the table in certain circumstances. but i think obama's context is very important. obama took power after the bush administration had launched two disastrous wars that have cost the united states terribly in money and blood, leaving a situation in the united states where the american people and the american military are very drained of military -- very, very drained from those very, very expensive endeavors. obama's force is entirely appropriate. in ukraine, nobody is even suggesting military force. >> i think that is one of the questions, niles, which is nobody is proposing boots on the ground but republicans are requesting more aggressive aid, lethal aid to the ukrainians. is the president -- >> i think nob
of the his closest allies, an ma who's been called russia's darth vader and the scariest man on earth, controlling 40% of crude oil production in russia, one of the most powerful pen in ha country. today's sanctions also froze the assets of 17 companies. arier today, nbc's andrea mitchell spoke with u.s. treasury secretary jack lew about the aim of these sanctions. >> our gold is not to hurt the russian people, it's to get them to change their policy. the goal will, you think realized if we continue to work at it step by step working with our allies, to make sure the pressure is not just from the united states, but from the world community. the without stopped short of -- but in a statement, the administration said it is prepared to impose still greater costs if russia continues its prove indications. yesterday the eight european military observers being detained by pro-russian militants were paraded before reporters at a press conference, but they were not released. today the mayor of the eastern ukrainian city of harkiv was shot by unknown gunmen while taking a jog. >>> another buil
much, but i think one thing we should realize is that we have been trying to integrate russia since the soviet union collapse, and we have been sort of successful doing it, but i think going forward, things are going to go the other way, and we are already seeing that. absolutely. europe is talking about the local energy market, trying to avoid dependence on russian energy, and i think things are going to continue to go that way. butng sanctions right now, europe cannot give up russian energy. to stay thistinue course -- >> let me ask about russia as it relates to china, because looking toch, dominate the region from russia all of the way to china, do you think that is something we will see in our lifetime? >> well, first of all, i would like to ask andrey, do you think the sanctions are going to hurt russia in a recession? think sanctions would increase the pace of a slowdown of the russian economy, but this specific set, probably not. >> this is the eighth largest economy in the world, maybe higher than that if you use the purchasing power metric, and if it goes into recession, an
will puck up and now we have this continued text between russia and the ukraine weighing on investor minds and between now and year end data is going to accelerate and looking at russia we hope that the situation there will de-escalate. >> jim, this goes back to a point of how you made a point that your own research said pretty much everybody surveyed, you think you talked to five dozen guys on the street, every single person expects rates to go hour and that's been the case for months here as rates have consistently not going higher. >> 67 economists were surveyed at the beginning of april. look, everybody wants to buy a message. just short the bond market because everybody is concerned it's going up in price and down in yield. >> would you really? >> no, i think therein lies the problem. the pride has already happened. what do people say when they are all bearish? already sold. no more selling left, and that's why yields are not going lower anymore and all the talk of economic growth and everything else is not getting a rise in yield because that trade has already occurred. >> how doik a
penalties as russia theirs word putin may be hiding a fort tune worth $70 million. >>> first from the fox necessary deck, the violent storm system is on the move and threatening to bring more dangerous twisters to parts of dixie. that was the scene near little rock, arkansas, yesterday. that is not a cloud wall you see there it's a monster tornado. about a half mile wide. officials there say at least 14 people died in the state as it blew apart homes look an 80-mile path. you see the tornado's brutal power on the law. demolished row after o homes and some homes across the street were untouched. >> no sirens or anything went off. i felt the house shake and heard the wind like you would not believe. >> walked outside and there were trees down and the houses across the street were gone. >> most of the stuff we tried to save in storms wind chill we put it in the barn. it would be safe and wouldn't get hailed on or rain and stuff. you see how that worked out. the whole barn is gone. >> more tornadoes hit downs in nebraska, missouri, oklahoma, and iowa. that outbreak left -- killed two people.
a new week. more on that ahead. we want tough new sections against -- to get russia to sta stand down when it comes to ukraine, and the president insists this may not be all. >> we are keeping in research additional steps that we could take should the situation escalate further. >> none of this appears to be phasing putin who today insisted these latest actions by the u.s. will not go without a response from him, and there is no sign of things calming down in the ukraine. just today a staunchly pro-west mayor was shot and nearly killed and mafshged militants have seized yet another city hall. this one located just 100 miles from the russian border. we learned one thing from the president's latest trip. it's that he carries a lot of baggage wrer you goes. he is with us from d.c. he is, of course, the rnlt scholar at the american enterprise institute, and, norm, generally presidents are more policy -- foreign policy focused in their second term. that is the historical pattern. it seems he has been forced into that historical pattern because of what's happening around the fwloeb and what
of the sanctions placed on russia is the right response. >> u.s. and europe turn up the heat on vladimir putin's inner circle. exploding to violence in eastern ukraine. >>> international buyers circle. >> and searching through the wreckage after a wave of tornadoes kills at least 17 people in the united states. it has been an unprecedented day in egypt with 683 people sentenced to death for their roles in the violence following the ousting of mohamed morsi last july. one of the 683 is the muslim brotherhood leader, mohamed bahdi, who says he quill continue his course. however commuted several other death sentences passed in march. al jazeera reports. >> relatives in shock. moments after the verdict was announced. heavy security was deployed outside the court building, where egyptian presiding judge said youssef subjected members of the muslim brotherhood to death. including the group's leader, a political group to which former egyptian president mohamed morsi belongs. the defendants sentenced on monday are accused of insighting violence, killing a policeman in southern egypt. the attack happen
. rallied on this news in russia, and we saw the recovery to a six-week high. we also saw some traders saying this wast sanctioned light, less than it. >> will any of this change president putin's behavior? >> i do think this immediately will, and even administration officials who spoke to us this morning i knowledge data must. -- acknowledged as much. they're trying to get closer and closer to putin himself. as much as president barack they ing thantarget personally, this is closing in on his inner circle. the is nothing to be about ukraine only. they are trying to signal the more he expands what he is doing of the more people it will get for him and russia's economy. >> how might president clinton then retaliate -- putin then retaliate? >> that is the wild card because russia can italian in serious ways. we know about the dependence of europeans on russian gas and energy. precious metals and cyber warfare that they could do. expected to match the u.s. moves and an equal level, and they could keep it coming up a for a couple of more years. thank you for joining us on the latest betwee
russia. could they work? if not what will? >> as the search for the missing flight enters its eighth week, investigators are bringing in private contractors to help find this plane. what can they do differently to help locate flight 370 in this new phase of the search? vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: whatever you can imagine, all in one place expedia, find yours dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabe
with russia. this highly exaggerated cost was assessed and report that is close to the public. constituents living in aiken and barnwell counties deserve to know the truth. i am glad they filed a freedom of information act request in pursuit of the cost analysis. we should be working together for environmental cleanup, for nonproliferation compliance and to support the savannah river site and its vital mission with dedicated employees. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we will never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlelady from florida, ms. frankel, seek recognition? ms. frankel: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. ms. frankel: mr. speaker, today on holocaust remembrance today, we solemnly reflect on the six million jews who were system @ically murdered by a mad man, known as hitler, and his nazi followers. we remember the children torn from the arms of their parents and they marche
. thanks for bringing that report. >> it is. melissa: more sanctions for russia. travel bans and asset freezes await kremlin officials. putin promises they won't make a difference. plus i'm about to get a little nostalgic here on "money." i'm quite a sweet spot when it comes to car develop as many kids in america -- carve. i'm talking to their president next. do you have too much ice cream with sprinkles on top? peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and secure. and responsive dedicated support meets your needs, and eases your mind. centurylink. your link to what's next. what'swithout the thinking capitathat makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing to make it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your business. whatever your goal, it can change e future. that's wh at barclay
who say he's been weak on things like sanctions against russia and the red line on syria's chemical weapons. chief white house correspondent ed henry traveling with the president in the philippines. ed, you pressed the president on whether his foreign policy shows weakness and i'm not sure he loved your question. >> reporter: no, i don't think so. look no further than the president's own hometown paper the "chicago tribune" which a couple days ago took a look at the trip in asia and said that the president's foreign policy is under siege, in their words, on multiple fronts. you mentioned syria. ukraine. let's not forget middle east peace talks that they were trying to revive have now fallen apart. i asked the president whether there was some sort of guiding principle he takes to all of these crises to push back on the critics who say he's indecisive and weak. he took a little shot at fox news. listen to this. >> what you think the obama dak tr doctrine is in terms of these crises and how you answer those critics who say they think the doctrine is weakness. >> well, ed, i doubt that
russia. meanwhile three ukrainian special forces operatives showing signs of torture were paraded and interrogated on russian state tv the men were looking for russian citizens suspected of killing the mall near the back of cruelty a politician whose body was found on the banks of the ribbon is the pianist last week he clings to hope that her russian president and peppery and a four strong pro europe. how is it a few it's russia with its fuel rationing in plants and green spandex ukraine's crimean peninsula addressed tens of thousands of troops on the country's eastern border in response well fermenting on rest and sending special forces and intelligence officers to marshal the second phrase of its annexation plans. as the us and eu to profile the sanctions against moscow at the crisis in ukraine for a business tycoon mikhail football because he has warned that russia would melt immediately suffer from any coercive measures implemented by the west. it's music often spoke of course be added to the minds of ordering very good question people of interest by the kremlin's narrative th
it down, tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. >>> president obama's administration slaps russia with more sanctions. who the president is targeting this time. >>> it is the story everyone is talking about, donald sterling and the l.a. clippers. i'm chase, i'm in the newsroom trying to keep track of the companies pulling their sponsorships from the team. the very latest coming up. >>> the european union added 15 more officials to its russian sanction list today. earlier this morning, the obama administration issued its own sanctions against several russian officials and businesses. the sanctions target those close to russian president vladimir putin, as pro-russian troops continue to seize buildings in the eastern ukraine. that's where nbc jim maceda has more. >> reporter: forces on both sides, pro-russia and pro-ukraine, tightening and expanding the areas they control. and we're seeing, for instance, ukrainian special forces, and special police out in larger numbers now, with more checkpoints on the roads surrounding the town. this morning, a few dozen pro-russian militants reportedly sei
sanctions against russia for not living up to an agreement 11 days ago to stabilize the region. the new sanctions targets seven russian officials, including two said to be close to russia's vladimir putin. they also target 13 companies and certain high-tech exports to russia with potential military applications. then an entire state could be left without a single abortion clinic if a court rules in favor of the anti-abortion activist. we'll tell you about the shocking movement that's sweeping the south. ortho crime files. reckless seeding. a backyard invasion. enter homeowner, and ortho weed b gon max. kills weeds without harming innocent lawns. guaranteed. ortho weed b gon max. get order. get ortho®. i'm a messy person. i don't like cleaning. i love my son, but he never cleans up. always leaves a trail of crumbs behind. you're going to have a problem with getting a wife. uh, yeah, i guess. [ laughs ] this is ridiculous. christopher glenn! [ doorbell rings ] what is that? swiffer sweep & trap. i think i can use this. it picks up everything. i like this. that's a lot of dirt. it's that
of the sanctions placed on russia is the right response. >> u.s. and
tried to slip and sprays display the government's one sounds. washington war with russia with the entire day of the mess and ukraine. he's a tough read treat her as the reluctant hero into supposing more sanctions the seventies with afghanistan's presidential election into a bottle while i was convinced that the war ravaged economy the country's next season will somehow to banks. six bombs. once in the uk attending to politics but what is going to cost to protect their rights as britain's mainstream politicians don't read at a posh regret treat that way. a the seats are not still coming to my house. mr said buildings in the not the eastern ukrainian city of four men under the control of the un to give protest as local accidents that have taken over the main has a spatial i'm saying government has courses on sez policy isn't this just for us. look at a time one can. over on main character in the theater we went to work. surely one of them. he calmly the older you. we will come when called to normal the work of co operation. it occurred. it's great. mcleod who prefer to take the pic. but d
round of sanctions on russia following its annexation of crimea in february. seven government officials all russian officials and 17 different companies, all have close links with vladimir putin. the united states also said in the list that it was published a few hours ago, that it would deny export licenses to any high tech equipment that it feels may be of significance and used to the russian military effort. there has been a response from russia, let me give you that. the foreign -- deputy foreign minister said the u.s. essential would not go unanswered and the response it says will be painful to washington. the eu in separate moves on monday basically said it will be releasing the names of 15 people it will be placing sanctions on freezing assets and travel bans. concerted and linked effort by america and europe to bring up the sanctions. massively tightened up if russia goes into military incursions into ukraine. >>> continue to stand guard in a building in ukraine. some held by surnts i insurgentn ukraine. >> this time their target was the local council building in the town of con
that in a moment. first to kate kelly on u.s. companies with energy ties to russia. >> expanses sanctions today in russia that you just mentioned are the latest potential blow to multinational companies doing business there. some of the stocks involved are already taking a hit. the most obvious point of tension is the energy sector. the sanctioning today of igor accept chin, who running the largest company, could have bp owns nearly 20% of it, and royal dutch shell is another with ties to the russian energy business, albeit with stronger exposure on the natural gas side. in the financial arena, credit card companies like visa and mastercard, which have been forced to stop processing payments through certain russian banks are already taking a market hit. we heard on friday from visa it that the session ways should shave pencies off the earnings and banks may be affected, too, including stu group, which counts russia as a major regional market, and morgan stanley. not so much an earnings hit, but it could affect that deal. finally consumers names like the beverage makers, pepsico is and co, while
it live for ow fox >> and what is going on in ukraine and russia and the impact of eastern europe affects our stock market. and look at the big board this morning and stocks are up slightly. and fox business network iswith today. >> absolutely gena. in the back drop. sanctions and u.s. posing new sanctions against russia and targeting 17 companies linked to vladimar putin and 45 people and 19 firms and european union hitting 15 more individuals and the question is, is it making a difference. on friday standard and poors cut russia's credit rating. people are pulling money out of russia to the tune of 17 billion. if they hit entire sectors of the economy tcould hurt not only russia but all of europe. but back here in the u.s., we started out strong out the of the gate and dow up 19 points and nasdaq slipping in the red and lost the social media stocks. and facebook and net books and linked in. they are having a tough goal. we told you we have a fed meeting on wednesday. we'll so another pull back in that tapper to 45 billion and on friday, we get april jobs. and investors lo
for sanctions against russia for allegedly funding in court many pro russian separatists in ukraine the kremlin denies the accusations and says the uprising is a spontaneous response. investors in twenty eu member nations are also meeting in brussels at this hour to decide on a cold a separate set of sanctions against russia. obama said the sanctions would represent the next stage in trying to hurt moscow's efforts to destabilize the region. we don't yet know whether to work. and that's why in the next day is if in fact we saw further russian aggression towards ukraine it would be such moral sanctions less narrowly targeted. addressing. sectors like banking for the defense industry. meanwhile the mayor of car keys has been shot and critically wounded. in any kern as was her pearly shot in the back by our unknown gunmen and is said to be undergoing emergency surgery this comes as pro russian rebels continue to seize more buildings and other major cities in eastern ukraine and taking a look at southeast asia us pres obama has arrived in the philippines as per his ongoing diplomatic tour of asia p
of sanctions against russia. >> and expanded list of individuals and companies will be affected by sanctions. >> in eastern ukraine, more violence, the pro-russian mayor of the second largest city is in serious condition after being shot in the back today. >> president obama was welcomed in the philippines today, the final stop in the week-long tour. u.s. officials signed a 10-year agreement to position fighter ships and troops at philippine bases. >> pope francis presided over a double papal canonization ceremony. >>> two at once. that's the papal sainthood equivalent of a kfc doubledown. >>> first up, breaking news, the worst may still be yet to come from a massive storm system that has spawned dozens of tornadoes in the last 24 hours. at this very hour, four states remain threatened by the tornadoes or severe weather as the storm system makes its way east. it's already being blamed for more than 16 deaths across central and southern united states. today 17 states are dealing with some level of destruction caused by 31 different tornadoes. >> all of a sudden got black and ended up on the o
, the u.s. level 2 sanctions against russia, russia is firing back calling them meaningless. we will get more of the larger picture of president obama's power in the region. stay with us. n from tracfone? check the weather. borrow ted's wheelbarrow. post big tomato pics. buy a birdhouse for sparrows. download gardening apps. answer my wife's texts. search how to sculpt hedges into a t-rex. i can do all that with my android from tracfone for as low as $7 a month. [ male announcer ] unbeatable nationwide coverage, no contract. for a limited time, save $50 on the zte valet. now just 49.99. tracfone. do everything for less. humans. we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back, offering exclusive products like optional better car replacement, where if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask an insurance expert about all our benefits today, like our 24/7 support and service, because at liberty mutual insurance, we believe our customers do their best out there in the world
bans. russia condemning the sanctions saying they will not go unanswered. peter sharp with more from moscow. >> this is the third round of sanctions imposed by the west on russia following it's annexation of crimea in february. seven officials, and 17 different russian companies, what they have in common is very close links to vladimir putin. the united states also said in the list that was published a few hours ago that it would deny export licenses to any high-tech equipment that it feels may be a significance and use of russian military effort. there has been a response from russia. let me give that you. the foreign deputy foreign minister said that the u.s. sanctions will not go unanswered, and the response said it will be painful to washington. the e.u. in separate moves today on monday basically said that it will be released in the names of 15 people that it will be facing sanctions on facing assets and travel bans. so a concerted and linked effort by america, the u.s. and europe to bring about these third round of sanctions will be tightened up if there are any military incurs
are a blackstone group and one of the things we talked about was russia. impossible not to talk about russia. steve sits on an international advisory panel. that is a position he still holds. i want you to hear steve schwarzman talking about the rifts in russia and how he plans to respond. >> i think in the short term, other than if you are a market operator, which we are not, we buy assets on a longer-term basis as a rule in most of our businesses. it is time to watch. this can have a variety of from going back to business as usual or lurching off into some other direction. to make markets to make money. who is on the other side of the market? steve tannenbaum. at where gasu look is straining in the 400, and is -- in the risks, it steve tannenbaum said it is a 10 so it is a great value. it echoes what howard mark said to us last week. if you want to be an outstanding investor you cannot be part of the pack. you have to have strong convictionsto do -- and be willing to do what others .ren't willing to >> people have to look around the stock market so they are poking around in credits and finding or
recall last month when pro-russian maish i can'ts took over the crimean peninsula and handed it to russia, many thought the militias were not only pro-russian but russian. russian president vladimir putin knew different. >> those are local self defense units. >> jon: you have to take the man at his word. come on. look at that face. with that, would that face lie to you? don't answer that because that face would kill you with poison. actually, that face did lie to you. vladimir putin in the meantime spoke on russian tv for the first time he admitted the troops in unmarked uniforms who took crimea before its annexation by moscow were, in fact, russian soldiers. >> jon: april fools'. in february. ordinarily, i would let by gonzales be by gonzales but large parts of eastern ukraine are now filled with the mysterious militias, taking over government buildings and not only taking ukrainian tanks, they are doing things with them i didn't think you could do. i have to tell you, man, with all due respect to ukraine that is -- but at least now putin is more accustomed to telling the truth i am sur
in america are starting? the role for congress to turn the back for america. incursion,r russia's in nation, depending on who you ask, they tried to guarantee more loans to the country. there were some people who said that this is not a good idea, we are not going to get this money back, and tried to tap into that populist frustration across the country. rand paul is one of those people. he is positioning himself as the menu doesn't want to give american money away abroad. that it makes you an isolationist amanda does put him out of the mainstream of what the parties doing. guest: it's an interesting point that the caller raises. both congress and the white house avenue 2 jobs in terms of domestic policy and foreign policy, and the white house would certainly argue that it is very important that ukraine feel the support of the united states both in terms of the loan guarantee but also just support dealinge of the u.s. with the challenges that russia is creating. the questions about if congress to move quickly on that but not on employment insurance or these other issues are fair questions.
could save you 15% or more. >>> president obama announced more sanctions against russia over ukraine but getting an agreement with europe has not been easy. is it too little to late to get vladimir putin to change his policy? chuck todd is traveling with the president and filed this report for us on the sanctions and latest from the philippines. >> good evening from manila. the president is now asleep after having his third state dinner from four nations on this week-long trip to asia. this one his first visit to the philippines as president. this had to do with a new basing disagreement. for years the u.s. used to have a lot of military to military contacts here in the philippines and that went away over the last 20 years. this is renewing it, a 10-year deal and you will have now more of a u.s. military presence here in the philippines. this asia pivot that the president has been pushing, really has the focus in many ways had been on the economic side but there's also been an expansion of the u.s. military footprint a few years ago there was a basing agreement made in australia and
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time it will change russia's calculous, and they'll realize that this is a dead-end. you're right. this is a criticism that the sanctions don't go far enough. they have been pushing for broader deeper sanctions. now the white house has talked about what has already happened as a result of the individuals who have already been sanctions. there are several more individuals in in round of sanctions along with the 17 entities that you mentioned. but those entities are those who have been sanctions before. the gradual spreading out, cronies of vladimir putin, cronies and olagarts in the russian economy. it has already cost the russian economy $60 million in investment flight, the credit has been downgraded. and gdp has been downgraded. what has already been done has had some bite and adding to it this evening. >> the president is trying to build that united front when it comes to rolling out the sanctions. as we've been reporting, europe has deeper economic ties with russia than the u.s. are they willing now to be part of the united? >> well, this has been the problem all along, del, e
. president obama announced a new against russia today. targeting seven russian government officials, 17 companies with links to put in. kt mcfarland joins us now. only a few more individuals, no industries targeted. putin himself not targeted despite "the new york times" story yesterday. if these sanctions had real bite, the stock market would be down 100, not up 100. >> he is going to put the sanctions on a few bank accounts. the money has been cleared out of the bank account months ago. a few visa denials. there might have to spend their time in sochi. stuart: the word surrender is a very strong word. >> he will keep going. that is the message to take away from this. there is no penalty for whatever he wants to do. in eastern ukraine with little green men. the russian troops taking off, still in russian uniform. in eastern ukraine, other parts of the former soviet union space. the question is how far does putin go. i think he is going all the way to challenge nato. that is strong stuff. stuart: if he did that, this market would come down. >> there is article five, it is all for one, o
that will ensure that this will not happen again. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>> and today, russia is responding to the new round of sanctions that president obama set forth today. >> we will give a expanded list of individuals and businesses who will be receive sanctions. >>> and there is a mayor who was shot in the back wounded today. >> and now 20 criminal charges including tax fraud against new york congressman michael grimm. and he surrendered to the fbi agent agents this morning. that is something that you should know. and looking forward to this, cedric the intentertainer is go to join us live, and talk to us about his storied entertainment career, but something that she is serious about. he wants to improve the lives of inner city program, and he wants to spread the word at "newsnatio "newsnation." you can find me and my team at @ @ tallronhall. and that was important to me. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop
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